01 concept

The hotel went through a whole face lift during the remodeling process.
Return the building to its former beauty by stripping down all unnecessary interior furnishing and composition where the diverse scenery the nature can be enjoyed.
“Minimal Luxury”

By connecting all the richness of nature, history and culture from long past, a new tranquil and enhanced spot in Setouchi, is established.

A 7 all-suite room hotel by Mr. Tadao Ando, architecture and designer.

Setouchi AONAGI


02 architecture

2 Architecture: About the building
Recently the [Setouchi International Art Festival] had been drawing mass media and press from around the world. In the center of the venue, Naoshima, consist of Tadao Ando’s work; [Chichu Art Museum], [Benesse] and [Ando Museum].
[Setouchi AONAGI] joined the lineup, representing Seto Inland as another Tadao Ando’s architectural masterpiece.
Undergo renovation, a once familiar art museum was transformed into a “Small Luxury” hotel that was desired here amongst the ocean of Seto Inland.

photo by 閑野欣次

architect profile
tadao ando

Mr. Tadao Ando was born in Osaka. Self-taught in architecture and established the [Ando Tadao Architectural Research Facility] in 1969.
Some of Mr. Tadao Ando’s masterpiece consist of: [Rokko Housing Complex], [Church of Light], [FABRICA (Benetton Art School)], [Pulitzer Art Museum], [Chichu Art Museum], [Omotesando Hills (Aoyama Dojunkai Apartment Rebuilding Plan)], [Punta della Dogana] and [Shanghai Baoli Theater].

In 1979, [Row House in Sumiyoshi] earned him the Architectural Institute of Japan Award. Following below are some of Mr. Tadao Ando’s life achievement and awards: 1985 Alvar Aalto Award. 1989 French Academy of Architecture Gold Medal. 1993 Japan Art Academy Price. 1995 Pritzker Prize. 1996 Takamatsu Praemium Imperiale Award. 2002 AIA Gold Medal, Kyoto Award. 2003 Cultural Contributor. 2005 UIA (Union of International Architects) Gold Medal, Rejiondonu le Medal (Chevallier). 2006 Environmental Conservation Merit. 2010 JFK Center Arts Gold Medal, Shinpei Goto Award, Order of Culture. 2013 France Medal of Arts. 2015 Order of Merit of the Italian Republic Grande Uficha – Les chapter.
2011 Eastern Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Design Council Acting Chair, [Peach*Persimmon Scholarship Association, Great East Japan Earthquake Orphans Scholarship funds] Executive Committee Chairman. Served as visiting professor at Yale, Columbia and Harvard University. At 1997, served as Tokyo University professor, 2003 as emeritus professor.
Mr. Tadao Ando also wrote the following books: [Talk about the architecture], [Succession of Defeat], [Ando Tadao the Architect], [Creating the job], [Tadao Ando Insight Guide, Ando Tadao and those memories], etc.


03 rooms

The signature room, The AONAGI Suite, consist of 8 meter tall floor to ceiling, expanded window, truly allow the guest to view the majestic “blueness” of the sky and ocean. Truly portray the “Ao(blue)” out from the “AONAGI.”
Newly developed full flat bath tub in our Hot Spring Suite.
Wood furnishing with wood deck and garden in our Garden Suite.
For group or family used, we also have 2 bedrooms and 4 beds room.
Total of 7 suites, all are over 100 square meter in size.
Please come and experience the true enjoyment, only here at AONAGI.


04 facility

7 guest rooms total and just for the customers usage; 2 pools, 1 hot spring Jacuzzi, sauna, dining, spa and gallery.
Private pool “The Cave” can be reserved for private use.
Deck pool “The Blue” reflects off the clear blue sky comparable to the reflection off from the Seto Inland Sea.
Please use these facility to your liking.

private pool “the cave”

deck pool “the blue”



05 dining


Dining “MINAGI” showcase the seasonal ingredients from the region of Seto Inland * Shigoku has to offer.
A new form of the Japanese cuisine is created and offered straight to our guests from our local farms and fisherman.
Please enjoy the culture and elegance ingredients of Iyo.


06 spa & treatment

Seto Inland’s grace beauty and blue ocean can be view from the wide window of our private spa room. Such alluring sight will relax your body and mind and make you tranquil in time.
All products from our spa is produced by all natural ingredients from the beauty of nature in Japan.
Please enjoy this blissful moment from our “All hand treatment.”



07 art

Architectural art.
Art of luminous light pouring into the building.
Also the view of the Seto Inland Sea.
Not only that, also the minimal art by contemporary artist is one of the pleasure of Setouchi AONAGI is able to offer.


09 sightseeing & activities

Tourist information and activities
The time seems to stop while gazing at the calm sea and majestic nature of Seto Inland.
[Setouchi AONAGI Retreat] situated in the outskirts of Japan most immense and monumental Seto Inland Sea National Park. A variety of pleasure and curriculum awaits.
Some of the must visit places are: Dogo Onsen, Japanese oldest hot spring; Hiroshima and Onomichi Metropolitan that are bind by the Seto Inland Shimanami Sea Route.

Below are some of the tourism destination:


access info

Please come pass the [Ellaire Golf Club Matsuyama] guide signboard.

Setouchi AONAGI

produced by ONKOCISHIN

794-1 Yanaidani-cho, Matsuyama, 799-2641 Ehime, Japan


To contact us or to make reservation during our reception time
between the hour of 10:00am to 7:00pm.

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